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O Milenio - série "Deixados para trás"

Sequel Kingdom Come The Final Victory

Not all is well in utopia. Though Jesus has established His thousand-year reign on earth, people are born every day who still must choose to make Him their savior. And not all do. Those who have returned from heaven with Christ never age. Believers who survived the Tribulation never die, but the ravages of time affect them.
The saints of the ages—heroes from the Bible—help rule.
While those who choose not to trust Christ are accursed and die young, devotees of The Other Light—Lucifer—conspire to populate the end of the millennial kingdom with a massive army. When Satan is loosed for a time to once again tempt the nations, he leads this force to the ultimate conflict of good versus evil, and the result ushers in the new heaven and the new earth.

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The following excerpt from Kingdom Come, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, is copyrighted 2007 by Tyndale House Publishers. All rights are reserved. Any or all of the following excerpt may not be duplicated in any format, online or offline, without the written permission of the copyright owner.
An Excerpt From: Kingdom Come
by best-selling authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Prologue (from Glorious Appearing)

Rayford tried to stay with Chaim. The men had left the Rosenzweig home without breakfast and without a word, as if they all somehow knew where they must go. Rayford decided that whatever was to come, he wanted to be close enough to Chaim to ask questions. The others must have had the same idea, as they all stuck together despite the crowds.

"When you see My throne, join those on My right, your left."

The words of Jesus were more than impressed on Rayford's heart. He had actually heard them. He moved to his left without question, and as waves of people moved both directions, suddenly the view before Rayford became clear. Directly below and centered under the vast heavenly hosts, saints, and angels, a great platform bore a throne on which Jesus sat. Behind Him stood the three angels of mercy. On either side of Him stood the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Rayford knew instinctively that every living person on earth was gathered in that valley.

Chaim explained: "Half a billion or more were raptured seven years ago. Half the remaining population was killed during the Seal and Trumpet Judgments during the next three and a half years. Many more were lost during the Vial Judgments, and millions of believers were martyred. What you are looking at is probably only one-fourth of those who were left after the Rapture. And most of these will die today."

Indeed, Rayford realized, those assembling on Jesus' right were scant compared to those on His left.

It took most of the morning for the masses to find their places and settle. To Rayford it appeared that those to Jesus' left were puzzled at best, frightened at ...

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Reunite with all your favorite characters and see how they fare in this capstone final title of the Left Behind saga.