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quarta-feira, junho 27, 2007

Billy Graham

Leading with Love
The secret to Billy Graham's remarkable ministry to the world.
By Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley

Leading with Love
Image courtesy of BGEA/Russ Busby

Whom you would change,
You must first love.
—Martin Luther King Jr.

Our first interview for our book, The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham, was with John Corts, a key employee of Billy's organization for 35 years, ten of them as its president. After a dinner conversation that ranged over the decades, we asked, "John, what would you say is the bottom line distinctive of Billy's leadership?"

John paused a long while. Finally he said, emphatically, "Love. The difference between him and so many other leaders is that whatever the circumstances, Billy always led with love." (more at the site )

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