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quarta-feira, agosto 08, 2007

TOSCA - com Tebaldi

(Puccini – NHK Italian Opera) 1961. This live performance from 1961 features a stunning Renata Tebaldi as the tempestuous heroine of Puccini’s opera. Known for her dramatic voice and innately-Italian performances, few have been able to equal the style of Tebaldi in her most acclaimed roles. This performance is no exception and is a must for lover’s of passionate Italian opera.

With Renata Tebaldi, Gianni Poggi, Gian Giacomo Guelfi; Auturo Basile conducts the NHK Symphony Orchestra. B&W. Subtitled. Region Code: 0.

Giacomo Puccini
1858 - 1924 (Italian)


Tebaldi, Poggi, Guelfi, Basile

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