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sábado, setembro 15, 2007

Lucia no Met com Dessay - NEWS

Setting The Stage

Posted by Philipp Brieler on 9/13/2007

11 days until the Lucia di Lammermoor premiere!

With the final dress rehearsal only a week away, Lucia is rapidly taking shape on the Met stage. On Wednesday, director Mary Zimmerman rehearsed the second and third acts with soprano Natalie Dessay, who sings the title role, Marcello Giordani, who plays her lover Edgardo, Mariusz Kwiecien (Enrico), John Relyea (Raimondo) and Stephen Costello (Arturo). Following the emotional finale of the second act, choreographer Daniel Pelzig took the chorus through their polka steps for the wedding celebration before Dessay launched into her Mad Scene.

Lucia__MG_9688a.jpg Marcello Giordani and Natalie Dessay

Lucia__MG_9649a.jpg John Relyea, Natalie Dessay and Mariusz Kwiecien

Lucia__MG_9711a.jpg Mary Zimmerman discussing a scene with Mariusz Kwiecien and Natalie Dessay

Lucia__MG_9700a.jpg Marcello Giordani

Lucia__MG_9722a.jpg Daniel Pelzig (right) with Stephen Costello

Lucia__MG_9646a.jpg Stephen Costello, Natalie Dessay and Mariusz Kwiecien

Lucia__MG_9707a.jpg Mary Zimmerman conferring with prompter Carrie-Ann Matheson

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