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quarta-feira, março 05, 2008

Marcello Giordani - Singing Italian Style

When Verdi's Ernani returns to the Met this month after an absence of more than twenty years, Marcello Giordani will take on the title role. SCOTT BARNES talks to the tenor, who has had an unusually busy New York season.

arcello Giordani is a humble guy — and not just humble for a tenor. Tall and handsome, with a gorgeous voice, he has the added advantage of being a persuasive actor. What has he got to be humble about? He suggests that it is his command of English; on the contrary, he speaks idiomatic and nuanced American, with just a hint of a Sicilian lilt. And he is, arguably, the greatest leading tenor of his generation, possessed of a masculine, sexy Mediterranean sound that releases into a thrilling high C and beyond. "Sometimes," says Giordani, "to offend me, someone may say, 'You sing old-fashioned.' They don't know that's a big compliment to me! Look at 'old-fashioned' singers — Pavarotti sang forty-five years! Truly, I am the only real Italian tenor singing at the top level right now. Alagna is French, Licitra is Swiss, Vargas is Mexican. My career is weird, too — a really old-fashioned career. I don't have a record contract. I spend most of the season at the Met." - Read more

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