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domingo, maio 25, 2008

The real reason opera superstar Bryn Terfel ....

The real reason opera superstar Bryn Terfel pulled out of the most talked about show of the year

Last updated at 20:00 08 September 2007

He is the opera superstar who was rehearsing his biggest ever role.

She is the uncomplaining wife who, 300 miles away, was single-handedly raising his three children.

But then their son had an accident that turned Mrs Bryn Terfel into the wife who said NO.

At Bryn Terfel's Welsh farmhouse last week, the everyday signs of family life were plain for all to see; from the swings and slides in the garden to the toy horses scattered by the back door.


Scaling down: Opera star Terfel and wife Lesley at a music festival in Wales two weeks ago

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